Cause And Effect 

Everything on this this planet acts and the way they do because of a cause. Call it evolution, call it psychology, but I call it life. The flowers are the way they are because of where they live, just like people are because of where they live. The effect of all this on humanity? We’re given this thing callef a choice. It’s the difference between plants and animals. Plants dont choose. They do with what they’re given. Animals? If they dont like it, they do something else. Take this situation, a kid is dealing with parents who fight, drink, and cheat, and tge kid knows about it all. How does that kid react outside of the house? They could act like nothing is happening. They could tell someone. They could take it out on people or go silent and never speak. What if that kid was found by another kid who can see right through their walls? What if that kid did nothing to help him or her? What if they comforted them? The truth is, is that the effect of everything that humans do hangs on the effect that another human chooses to take. Welcome to life, a big game of cause and effect.


The First Sight

I shouldn’t of come. People’s happy laughter, their bantering and flirting, I should be there with them, yet I’m the ugly duckling of the whole ball. A girl so plain that her lover ran off with the slut of the town. I can see their glances around at me. I couldn’t even afford a proper gown. No, rather, I have a gown made of brown cloths that you could find in a barn, the only jewels adorning the gown are rusted gears and clock parts. I look down in embarrassment. Not only am I embarrassing me, but the name of my family as well. At least my mask can blurr their memories of the girl in rags. I look around for an exit, catching the eyes of a man on the other side of the room. His eyes captivate me for a moment, but I merely shake my head and head for the garden outside. I slip through the doors while no one is looking and start to head for the stairs when I hear a voice. “Are you a mistress of broken hearts? Or rather a broken hearted woman?” I spin around, seeing the man I had just glanced at inside. “Why would you presume me as either a mistress or broken hearted?” I ask. “Well you must be either or, because I have never seen such pure, blue, entrancing eyes as yours and yet you run. You must have known I would follow you and catch you alone, but if not, then you must be running away from something else.” He takes slow, methodical steps down until his body looms over mine. “Now I will ask again,” he says, pulling my chin up as he leans towards my ear and begins to speak softly,”are you a mistress,” he kisses my cheek, then slowly kisses my forehead, “or are you a woman?”

The Wait Is Over

Hey guys, this is more of a formal writing addressing the long, random absence that I had from before. I was having difficulties with keeping up grades and doing this blog and my other main blog that I was doing on an everyday basis. Sadly, not long into me having grade problems, I had many other hard, taxing problems that were taking up my time and energy. I am still having these problems, as I am currently dealing with some really bad health problems and relationship problems, but through these problems, I have remembered why it is that I love to write. For now, I’m going to take it easy and only upload once a week on Wednesdays, and I plan to write more frequently as I get better. I appreciate your patience with me, and I hope all of you are having wonderful lives.